There for you all over the world

KAEFER Integrated Services Pty Ltd is a West Australian company which operates project and maintenance contracts throughout the continent and has established offices in almost all states and territories. KAEFER Integrated Services is head-quartered out of Perth, Western Australia, and with a workforce of around 400 employees KAEFER is represented on most of the major sites around Australia.

While the focus remains on our local market, KAEFER Integrated Services has been fully integrated in KAEFER Asia Pacific (APAC) and is an integral part of the KAEFER Group.

KAEFER APAC has full scale operations in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, China and Taiwan.

Our integrated services and solutions make the environment, life, work and production safer and more comfortable. Inside and out – all over the world. That’s KAEFER.

The advantage of KAEFER to its clients is its ability to be a local partner for national and international executed projects.